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Accounting didn’t used to be an exciting profession. Double-entry bookkeeping in physical accounting books was tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone.

Efficiencies brought about by accounting software freed accountants up to actually start analyzing financial data for their businesses. As accounting software has moved into the cloud, we’ve been able to share these benefits with organizations that previously didn’t have access to the kinds of services and expertise the big guys have.

At Streamlined Accounting, we’ve embraced cloud-based accounting because the efficiencies resulting from workflow automation allow us to focus on providing real value and expertise to the small businesses, startups, and nonprofits that we see as being so critical to the fabric of our community.

Grow with the Flow

If you started your business or organization from the ground up, you know what it’s like to set up workflows to keep you organized and on top of everything. You also probably know how disruptive it can be to have to start from scratch when your solution can’t handle new complexities of your growing entity.

Our goal is to provide you with scalable accounting workflow solutions, meaning that when you’re ready to take on the next big project, your accounting system isn’t holding you back. We look at your work holistically: it’s not just about where you are right now, but where you’re going.

We’ll listen carefully to your story to get to know your unique needs, successes, and struggles you’ve experienced in your accounting process. From there, we start a collaborative process to design a unique workflow that does what you need it to do, makes sense to you, and leaves room for growth.

Once your custom workflow is in place, we can transition the bulk of our energy to providing you with data and expertise that informs your strategic decisions. Best of all, you’ll be free from the constant worry that you’ve let important receipts or documents go missing, and your books will accurately reflect where you stand financially – in real time.

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